50 Sexy and Hot Alicia Witt Pictures

Although Alicia Witt has been in the show business industry for 36 years now, the actress/singer-songwriter still looks young and beautiful in her recent photos. Alicia is already 44 years old, and yet, she even slams the movie and music scene with her sexy physique and her charming smile. To know what we are talking about, click our photo compilation of Alicia Witt images.

Diane and Robert Witt welcomed their baby girl, Alicia Roanne Witt, on August 21, 1975, in Massachusetts. People considered Alicia as a child prodigy after she learned to read at four years old. And at a young age, she became exposed to the movie scenes after she got a cast for a David Lynch movie.

At the age of eight, Alicia starred in the movie Dune, where she played the character, Alia. The film’s director was David Lynch, who discovered Alicia at a very young age. They worked again together in an episode of the mystery-horror series, Twin Peaks, in 1984.

Alicia’s little exposure to the movie industry landed her minor roles for other movies like Liebestraum, and Bodies, Rest & Motion in 1993. Then, her big break came when Alicia starred in the independent film, Fun. Her performance got recognized at the Sundance Festival when she won an award for the movie.

While doing movies, Alicia also made some TV appearances. She starred in the TV series, Cybill, as Zooey Woodbine. Then, Witt appeared in the film Citizen Ruth and the comedy, Bongwater. She also starred in the horror movie Urban Legend with Jared Leto after her TV series, Cybill got canceled.

Then, in 2001, Alicia portrayed a minor role on the box-office hit, Vanilla Sky, with Tom Cruise as the lead role. Her other small parts were in the romantic comedy film, Two Weeks Notice, and American Girl in 2002.

In 2003, Witt was still filming the movie, The Upside of Anger, when she moved to the UK. However, her residency did not stop her from filming other movies. That same year until 2004, Alicia went to South Africa to film the German TV movie, Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King.

Alicia flaunted her bikini body when she appeared on an episode of the comedy series, Two and a Half Man. Her role, Dolores Pasternak, was a stripper in a club where the main casts were. Alicia looked sexy even though she did not flaunt her boobs and ass in that episode.

Aside from her TV and movie appearances, Witt also did stage plays. In 2001, she was part of the stage play, The Gift. The production played at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Witt is also a pianist.

Sexy and Hot Alicia Witt Pictures