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Alice Braga Moraes was born on the 15th of April 1983 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is the daughter of Ana and Nico.

Her mother, Ana Braga, is also an actress, which was why acting had been a part of her since childhood. Braga used to accompany her mom and her Aunt Sonia to the sets.

Braga is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese and also practices Catholic faith.

Braga has been acting in commercials, and school plays. When she was eight, her career started when she appeared at a yogurt commercial. 

The actress’s debut was in the short film Trampolim in 1998.

Her career became as hot when she became part of the casts of the City of God, where she played the character of Angelica. Because of her performance in this film, Braga received a nomination for the Cinema Brazil Grand Prize for the Best Supporting actress.

When you look at her in a bikini, you would never expect that she is a diligent and resilient actress.

While filming for the movies Only God Knows and Lower City, Braga was also busy attending her classes at a university. Despite having her hands full in all her projects and activities, Braga won several awards for her performance in Lower City.

She received awards from Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, ACIE, SESC Film Festival, Verona Love Screen’s Film Festival, and more.

Her other award-winning projects are Blindness, The Milky Way, Cabeca a Premio, Muitos Homens Num So, and more.

Braga’s first film in the English language was Journey to the End of the Night. She starred with Brendan Fraser and Catalina Sandino Moreno. Braga caught the international eyes when she became part of the I Am Legend when she starred alongside Will Smith. She also appeared in Redbelt and Crossing Over.

In 2010, Braga played the character of Beth in the Repo Men film. Braga also portrayed the role of Isabelle in Predators.

Aside from the mentioned movies, Braga also busted her ass in The Rite, Elysium, The Duel, The Shack, The New Mutants, and more.

Her other TV shows are Superbonita, The Brazilians, Samantha, among others.

Her most recent projects are The Suicide Squad 2, which is under post-production, and Queen of the South, which is a TV series that started in 2016 and still running up to the present.

Braga has been in a relationship with Bianca Comparato, who is also an actress. Braga revealed it in 2020, and they have been together for three years.

In the past, Braga revealed that she had a boyfriend when she was 20 years old but had to dump him because she was not ready to get married when he proposed. In 2004, she formed a relationship with actor Diego Luna, but it did not work after a year of being together.

Braga has been an in-demand actress both in Hollywood and in Brazil. It only proves that she is not just a Latina with a pretty face and big boobs; she also has the necessary skills of an actress.

Sexy and Hot Alice Braga Pictures