49 Sexy and Hot Ali Larter Pictures

American actress and model Ali Larter rose to fame when she got featured by Esquire magazine in their hoax as the sexy Allegra Coleman in 1996.

Larter spent her childhood in New Jersey. After graduating from Cherry Hill High School West, she started her career as a model, moving from one town to another because of her projects. Since Larter was still a minor at that time, she is accompanied by her mother until her legal age of 18.

After her stunt with Esquire magazine, she gained enough popularity that leads her to score appearances in TV shows. She appeared in Suddenly Susan, Chicago Sons, Dawson’s Creek, and Chicago Hope

Two years after she started acting professionally, she made it into the cast of Varsity Blues, which also marked her film debut. That same year, she had an opportunity to star in House on Haunted Hill, her first horror acting role.

Larter appeared in the film Final Destination in 2000, as well as its sequel the following year.

Larter started portraying supporting roles in 2001. She did it in Legally Blonde, 2005’s A Lot Like Love, Marigold, which premiered in 2007, and Obsessed, a 2009 film.

The American actress caught the attention of NBC, and since then, she started appearing in the network’s series Heroes. The sci-fi drama premiered in 2006 and ended its airing in 2010.

Her fictional character of Claire Redfield from the video game franchise, Resident Evil, gained massive popularity which allowed her to re-appear in the succeeding sequels. The first installment, Resident Evil: Extinction premiered in 2007, which was followed up by two sequels, premiering in 2010 and 2016.

Larter made more appearances in TV series starting in 2012 when she portrayed the character of the lead role, Anna King, in the series The Asset. The next year, she appeared in one episode of The League as Georgia Thompson.

In 2014, Larter took the lead role as Crystal McGuire in the series, Legends. She gained another leading role in 2016’s Pitch as Amelia Slater. She appeared in     Curb Your Enthusiasm’s “The Shucker” episode in 2017, as well.

Starting 2018, Larter appeared in ABC network’s Splitting Up Together series. She took the role of Paige, where she appeared in three episodes. Her most recent recurring role as of the moment is in ABC’s The Rookie, where she plays the role of Dr. Grace Sawyer.

With a hot and robust physique, Ali Larter is a dream girl of many men. At the age of 44, we bet that the American actress would still be able to wear a bikini suit that would make anyone weak in their knees.

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