50 Sexy and Hot Alexis Knapp Pictures

You may have seen Alexis Knapp on the movie, Pitch Perfect, as the sex-craze Stacie Conrad. The hot mom of one takes on the movie industry with her flirtatious smile and sexy bikini body.

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Marjorie and Bradford Knapp welcomed their cute little girl, Alexis Merizalde Knapp, on Jul 31, 1989, in Pennsylvania. However, the Knapp family had to move to North Carolina, where Alexis spent most of her childhood. When Alexis turned 18, she moved from home and settled in Los Angeles.

To support herself, Alexis hosted a popular internet series called the “Project Lore”. The series is about the video game World of Warcraft. Aside from her video series in 2008, Alexis also worked as a model.

When Alexis turned 20, she got a casting call for a small role in the movie, Couples Retreat. Then, she appeared in the drama series, Look in 2010 as the character, Dede. Alexis only appeared in one episode. In the same year, Alexis got the role of Aphrodite Girl in the action fantasy movie, Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. The film was a box-office hit, grossing at $226 million.

Alexis Knapp was still not a known actress by the year 2012 until 2013. She appeared in other unaired TV series entitled Like Father and Cinnamon Girl: California Dreamin’. However, she was able to score a supporting role in the comedy film, Project X. The film was about three guy friends who wanted to gain popularity, so they threw a big party, only to find out it was already the end of the world. In the film, Knapp’s role was a popular girl in school who was the love interest of the main character, Kirby.

Although the movie had more negative reviews than positive ones, it still grossed to over $100 million versus its budget of $12 million. However, many viewers believed that the increase of large-scale parties was due to the film.

After the success of Project X, Alexis Knapp got a role for the film, Pitch Perfect. She flaunted her Mezzo-Soprano voice along with her big boobs and great ass. Alexis’ role in the movie is a sexually-driven member of the Barden Bellas. The film was a box-office hit when it premiered in 2012 and even had two other sequels where Alexis’ role got reprised.

After her Pitch Perfect success, Alexis reunited with her co-star Rebel Wilson in the TV series Super Fun Night. Her role in the series was the character, Clamantha. Then, Alexis finally got a lead role in a TV series called Ground Floor.

Alexis’ last project was in 2017 when she appeared in the third sequel of Pitch Perfect.

Sexy and Hot Alexis Knapp Pictures