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Born on August 27, 1988, Alexa Vega stayed in Ocala, Florida, with her other siblings until she was four. Her father is a fashion photographer and a former informant while her mother was a former model. You are here to chaeck our gallery of Sexy and Hot Alexa Vega Pictures and it will follow the bio we put together below.

Her first appearance was a minor role in Twister (1996) as young Jo Harding. After that, she appeared in many TV shows and films. Vega starred in ER, Ghost Whisperer, and Follow the Stars Home. However, her most notable character as Carmen Cortez was a leading role in Spy Kids. Vega starred in the Spy Kids’ two sequels.

During the filming of the movie, Vega did her stunts. She also sang the soundtracks of the Spy Kids movies. Vega got three singles for these movies. In 2011, she reprised her role as Carmen Cortez as a grown-up version of her Spy Kid character.

By 2003, Alexa Vega became so popular she got an accolade for being the hottest teen actress from Vanity Fair. In 2004, the actress got starring roles in Sleepover and State’s Evidence. Vega got other leading roles in Odd Girl Out and another TV film, Walkout.

In 2006, Vega had a role in Remember the Daze (released date: 2007). She also starred in Repo! The Genetic Opera. Vega sang the soundtracks of the film.

Vega appeared as the leading role in Helix with a released date in 2008. She lost a casting part to Kat Dennings because Vega was busy filming Broken Hill in Australia. The sexy actress also appeared Hairspray, a Broadway show. Her character was Penny. In 2009, Alexa Vega starred in the sitcom Ruby and the Rockits as Ruby Gallagher. Her co-stars are the Cassidy brothers.

From 2012 to 2014, Vega starred in many different films of various genres. In 2012, she starred in The Devil’s Carnival with the role Wick. Vega starred in 2br/1ba, a thriller movie. She appeared in The Pregnancy Project, The Clockwork Girl (an animated film), and The Mine (limited release on 2010). Vega also lent her voice to the character Christina in Unsupervised, another animated series.

Vega joined Dancing with the Stars in its 21st season. She competed with Mark Ballas as her partner. Carlos PenaVega, her husband at that time, was a contender in the same season. Vega and Ballas got eliminated and ranked 6.

Aside from acting, Vega is a singer, too. She sang the soundtracks of three Spy Kids film and The Repo. Besides these songs, Vega sang a song for the Santa Baby 2. Her rendition appeared in a Christmas compilation album.

Vega married Sean Covel in 2010. The couple separated in 2012. A year after, Vega married Carlos Pena Jr. The couple agreed to use PenaVega as their surname and has two sons.

Now, we want to share some hot photos of the Vega, both in bikini and fashionable clothes. We hope you like the pics that flaunt her curves, ass, and boobs.

Sexy and Hot Alexa Vega Pictures

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