60 Sexy and Hot Aishwarya Rai Pictures

The Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai, was born in Mangalore Karnataka, India, to Krishnaraj Rai and Brindya Rai on the first of November and 1973. Having been raised in a traditional South Indian home, she had initially been planning to be an architect. Still, upon winning the title of Miss World in 1994, multiple job opportunities came her way.

She debuted in 1997 with the biopic film directed by Mani Ratnam’s Tamil, Iruvar, alongside Mohanlal, which gave her immediate critical acclaim leading to the award Best Female Debutante Award. Her beauty also allowed her to pursue a career in modeling in which she landed contracts with brands like Pepsi and even serving as a spokesperson for the global beauty brand L’Oréal Paris. Rai has also graced the covers of Vogue magazine.

Among her achievements is being immortalized as a wax figure world-famous Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, a first for any Indian Actress.

Aishwarya Rai is famously dubbed as the “Queen of Bollywood” with thanks to her filmography. She eventually became a part of the panel because she starred in iconic films like Devdas, which was screened in the global event Cannes film festival. Her film Bride and Prejudice – an Indian adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, filled with a series of song and dance numbers, also proved that the actress is a total package.

Rai had also introduced her star force and exquisite charm in her first major English film, giving life to the Indian version of strong-willed Elizabeth Bennett. Other than these films, Aishwarya is also a top endorser for India based products, a real sign that she is indeed one of India’s premier entertainers.

She is 46 years old and married to fellow Bollywood actor  Abhishek Bachchan, but still maintains a sexy figure that would envy every woman. She is not known to show off her ass, boob, or walk around in a bikini, mainly because of cultural reasons. However, with blue-green colored eyes like hers, it would not be necessary. Just a glance into her eyes would leave you captivated and longing for more.

Aishwarya also keeps an active lifestyle, but she mainly is conscious of what she eats, sticking to healthy foods that would prolong the time she can spend with her daughter.

The Bollywood actress is an international star in her own right, which you will personally see in this curated gallery that contains images of the starlet. You’ll be able to understand why Aishwarya Rai was able to captivate the Bollywood scene within a short time.

These images would also range from campaigns and advertisements that she has done to red carpet paparazzi shots that show off her glamorous physique that Bollywood fans have come to love.

Sexy and Hot Aishwarya Rai Pictures