40 Sexy and Hot Ainsley Earhardt Pictures

A beautiful face and hot body, Ainsley Earhardt, has been a fixture on the American news television for years. When you go through our Sexy and Hot Ainsley Earhardt Pictures, you will certainly not disagree!

Born in South Carolina, the TV news presenter moved to North Carolina when she was a young child. The family lived in Charlotte for a couple of years until they moved again while she was in elementary school, finally settling back in the south in Columbia. 

She first enrolled to major in Biology at Florida State University. However, Ainsley Earhardt shifted to get a bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the University of South Carolina. 

Before she graduated from university, the broadcasting world already opened to Ainsley Earhardt. She already got hired as a reporter in Columbia’s local CBS station for the WLTX-News 19. 

The news presenter works as both the morning and noon anchor in the station from 2000 to 2004. 

The following year, Ainsley Earhardt left South Carolina for Texas, where she got even more broadcasting gigs. She got hired as an anchor in Eyewitness News, which airs at noontime. She was also in Eyewitness News This Morning, a KENS-TV weekday newscast in San Antonio.

Aside from her work on television, Ainsley Earhardt also participated in various activities while she was in Texas. She went riding with the US Air Force Thunderbirds in an F-16, went skydiving at the Air Force Academy along with the Golden Knights of the US Army, and completed a half-marathon in Austin.

Her career in the broadcasting industry has been a massive success, proving that Ainsley Earhardt is not only a hot ass and boobs that everyone sees on TV. 

Aside from being a famous TV news anchor, Ainsley Earhardt is also an author. She’s already written a couple of books, including a memoir titled The Light Within Me and two children’s books Through Your Eyes and Take Heart, My Child.

However, the massive breakthrough in news TV came when Ainsley Earhardt moved to New York City in 2007. She landed a part in the Fox News Channel, which earned her massive fame and success. 

She got hired for the job by Roger Ailes, despite her lack of in-depth knowledge on politics. Ainsley Earhardt then co-hosted Fox & Friend. During her early years in New York, the TV present also as a segment in Hannity, the Ainsley Across America. 

Since Ainsley Earhardt joined Fox News, she already worked as a co-host in various shows in the network, including America’s News Headquarters, All-American New Year’s Eve on Fox, and Fox and Friends Weekend. She also appeared on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and in The Live Desk.

In her personal life, Ainsley Earhardt has had two marriages. The first one was in 2005 with Kevin McKinney. The couple divorced in 2009, and three years later, Ainsley Earhardt married Will Proctor, a former quarterback at Clemson University, with whom she has a child. However, the two also filed for divorce in 2018.

Meanwhile, check out the impeccable figure of this famous Fox News anchor from her stunning bikini photos, hidden behind her tough bravado on TV.

Sexy and Hot Ainsley Earhardt Pictures