40 Sexy and Hot Adele Pictures

If you know Adele, you know that she has the talent that makes her sexy. Adele is a famous singer. As you browse through her pictures, get to know her even more. 

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was from Tottenham London, born on the 5th of May 1988. Her mother is English, and her father is Welsh. Her mother’s name is Penny, and her father’s name is Marc.

Looking at the hot pictures of Adele, you would never think that she had a tough childhood. She was only two when her father left her and her mom. Penny raised her by herself. 

Adele claimed that she started singing at a young age and felt fascinated by voices.

When Adele was nine, she and her mother went to Brighton so that her mom Penny could work. 

In 1999, they moved to Brixton. She loved spending her childhood in Brockwell Park and performing in front of her friends. Adele recounted some of her childhood experiences through her songs, including those times when she sang in the Brockwell Park.

Adele went to BRIT School and took up Performing Arts & Technology. Jessie J and Leona Lewis were her classmates. She graduated in 2006. 

Adele does not need to have a body that will look picture-perfect in a bikini, because Adele has the talent.

Adele started her career in the music industry only months away after her graduation when she posted two songs for the publication of the Platformsmagazine.com. She also recorded some demos for a project and gave it to her friend. 

Her friend, in return, posted it on MySpace, which led to Richard Russell’s phone call. Richard Russel was working in a high position with the XL Recordings at the time. 

Since then, her success in the music industry began.

Because Adele busted her ass to record various beautiful songs, her works paid off when she received numerous nominations and awards. She won the Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist, Best “Difficult” Second Album, International Work of the Year, among many others.  

In 2011, Adele started dating Simon Konecki. They had a child together, whose name is Angelo. Adele gave birth to him in 2012. 

Adele and Simon secretly married, and the tabloids started speculating about it in 2017 because of the rings on their fingers. Adele confirmed the rumors to be true during her speech in the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, where she expressed her appreciation for her husband. 

In 2019, Adele and Simon separated but agreed to raise their child together. In 2019 there was a rumor that Adele divorced Simon in the United States. 

Throughout Adele’s career, she has been using her voice to raise money for charity. Among her charity performances were The Little Noise Sessions performance in 2007 and 2008 and Keep a Child Alive Black Ball in 2008, and more. 

Adele became an inspiration for many women and young girls nowadays. She proves that she does not need to have the perfect body and boobs to become a famous musician.

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