42 Sexy and Hot Adelaide Kane Pictures

She’s the regal and majestic Mary, Queen of Scots, at least on television. The beautiful face and sexy figure of Adelaide Kane have been gracing the small and the big screen for years. The Sexy and Hot Adelaide Kane Pictures we have compiled are stunning and will please your eyes, no doubt.

Born in a suburb in Perth, Adelaide Kane has mixed ancestry. Her mother is a mix of French, Irish and Scottish while she has a Scottish father, so it’s not surprising that the Australian actress is stunning and hot. 

Performing has been in Adelaide Kane’s life since at the young age of three. She started dancing, then later ventured into acting and singing. The Australian actress has been professionally in the business since she was six, starting in print ads. Later, she began appearing in various TV spots and shows.

Adelaide Kane and her mother moved from Perth to Melbourne when she joined the Neighbors’ cast in 2006. The character of Lolly Allen was the first significant role for the actress, which she won after entering the competition that Dolly magazine launched that year. 

After getting the part, she left school for the three-month contract on the series. It was a good start for Adelaide Kane’s career, although her success only started to take off in 2009. She was part of Power Rangers RPM, playing the role of Tenaya 7, for almost a year.

The following year, projects came left and right for the actress. She was part of a television movie on NBC, Secrets of the Mountain. She also got the lead role for the movie adaptation of the Li Tigelaar novel, Pretty Tough. The show had 20 episodes, which aired in Hulu. 

In 2012, Adelaide Kane also appeared in the film Goats, then later joined the Teen Wolf cast, where she played the character of Cora Hale.

However, the most significant break for the acting career of the Australian actress came the following year. She got a leading part in Reign, a period drama series in CW, where she played as Mary, Queen of Scots. In real life, Adelaide Kane is a descendant of Mary, Queen of Scots, although illegitimately. With her regal beauty both on and off the screen, it’s not surprising to know that the Australian actress hails from a long line of royal blood.

Aside from her massive breakthrough in the series, Adelaide Kane received even more projects, both on TV and the big screen. She appeared in a couple of other TV shows such as Dragons: Race to the Edge and Whose Line Is It Anyway. Her recent film credits include Love Stinks, Donner Pass, The Purge, Letter Home, Blood Punch, Louder Than Words, Realm, The Devil’s Hand, and The Big Grab.

Although she may haven’t bared her ass and boobs on TV, it’s evident that Adelaide Kane is among the prettiest faces on top of a stunning body in the industry. Check out her impressive bikini photos to know what a gorgeous queen she is.

Sexy and Hot Adelaide Kane Pictures