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You can tell that she is sexy in her way when you look at the pictures of June Diane Raphael. June Diane Raphael is an actress and writer famous for the TV show Burning Love. As you browse through her photos, learn more exciting details about her. 

June Diane Raphael was from Rockville Centre, New York, born on the 4th of January 1980. She is the daughter of John and Diane. In 1998, Raphael graduated her secondary education from South Side High School.

Raphael has two siblings, whose names are Deanna and Lauren. 

Raphael went to New York University to learn acting. 

After her graduation, Raphael started her career when she and her friend Casey went to Upright Citizens Brigade theater to study comedy after graduation. The two had their sketch show in that place for several years. Because of their performance, they got the chance to work as a writer too. 

Their sketch show was hot until it became part of the US Comedy Arts Festival in 2005.  The duo won the ECNY Award in the category of Best Comedy Duo in the same year. 

Raphael and her partner Casey were also members of other improv groups, including Sentimental Lady, Mr. and Mrs. All-Star Casey, and more.  

The New Regency Pictures hired them after seeing their performance at that US Comedy Arts Festival. They wrote for the film Bride Wars, which was their writing debut. The duo also appeared in the movie, where Raphael played the role of Amanda.  

Even without wearing a bikini, Raphael proved her worth as a writer. Aside from Bride Wars, Raphael and her partner also wrote for Creature Comforts and made contributions for the Funny or Die website. 

Aside from being a writer, Raphael also busted her ass as an actress in several TV shows and movies, which include Unfinished Business, Big Lake, Zodiac, Party Down, Girl Most Likely, and more. 

In 2010, Raphael appeared in the Players series, playing the character of Barb. 

In 2011, Raphael became part of the casts NTSF: SD: SUV. 

Her most recent acting projects are The High Note, and I’m Sorry.

At present, Raphael hosts the How Did This Get Made Podcast with her husband Paul Scheer and comedian Jason Mantzoukas. 

Raphael also wrote a book with Kate Black. The title is Represent: The Woman’s Guide to Running for Office and Changing the World. 

In 2004, she dated Paul Scheer. It all started when they met at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. In 2009, they tied a knot at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. In 2014, she gave birth to her first child Gus, and in 2016, she gave birth to her second son Sam. 

Raphael does not have to flash her boobs to prove her worth in the performing industry because she is a talented actress and writer.

Sexy and Hot Сristin Milioti Pictures

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