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Christina El Moussa is her former married name before she married Anstead. Born on July 9, 1983, she used Christina Meursinge Haack until she married. Christina is a TV personality and a real estate investor. As you will see from the Sexy and Hot Сhristina Уl Moussa Picture we have below, she is uncomparable.

After college, she worked in a real estate agency where Christina met her first husband. In 2009, Christina married Tarek El Mousa. The two together founded The El Mousa Group with main in Orange County, California. 

The following year, the real estate agency bought a property in Santa Ana and sold it for a profit. The El Moussa group had a partner, Pete De Best. The flip investment became successful.

In 2011, the couple did an audition tape for HGTV about house flipping through the help of a friend. The couple never expected that a production company would take an interest in their audition piece. Pie Town Productions loved the audition.

The production also looked at their Instagram profile. Often, Christina and Tarek would post pictures of their projects, a before and after portfolio.

Later, HGTV decided to sign up for the couple for a weekly program. The program tackled the ins and outs of renovating a house (in real estate’s term, flipping). The title of the program was Flip or Flop.

In 2018, Christina received a spin-off show, “Christina on the Coast,” with a premiere episode talking about renovating her house after her divorce with Tarek. The program is in its second season, which premiered last January 2020.

The El Moussa Group got a dissolution following the divorce of the couple. Now, the group changed its name to Tarek and Associates.

Christina’s married life with Tarek was a bit controversial and troubled. The couple has two sons. It was in 2013 that the strain in their marriage life came. Tarek had a diagnosis of the thyroid and testicular cancer. Because of his sickness, the El Moussa couple decided to bank the sperm of Tarek. The couple tried in-vitro fertilization.

Christina suffered a miscarriage before she had a successful pregnancy. Their second child came to the world in 2015. After four weeks of giving birth, Christina started filming the episodes of their weekly program, Flip or Flop. She felt overwhelmed, and the tension between the couple aggravated.

Mutually, Christina and Tarek finally filed for divorce following an incident in their home in 2016. Tarek was holding a gun when police found him. Tarek said he wasn’t committing suicide and merely going out for a walk. The gun was for defense purposes against wild animals.

Their divorce got a final decision in 2018. Christina and Tarek are co-parenting their children. In 2018, Christina married Ant Anstead, a TV presenter. The couple has a child.

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Sexy and Hot Сhristina Уl Moussa Picture

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