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Charlie’s Angels may have honed her to become one of the hottest stars of all time, but Cheryl Ladd proved that she is now more than that. Her charming smile and bikini body made her one of the sexiest actresses in the 70s, but that does not mean that she posed nude.

In one interview, Cheryl revealed that she doesn’t want her daughter to see her boobs or her ass on TV. To see more photos of Cheryl Ladd, check out our compilation here.

Dolores and Marion Stoppelmoor welcomed their baby girl, Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor, on July 12, 1951, in the City of Huron. She has two other siblings, namely, Seth and Mary Ann. After Cheryl finished high school, she began singing with the band, The Music Shop, and played across the US before settling in Los Angeles.

Before becoming a Charlie’s Angel, Cheryl first entered the show business because of her singing. She became the singing voice of Melody from the animated series, Josie and The Pussycats, in 1970. Soon after, Ladd landed TV roles in The Rookies, Search and Switch. She also starred in the 1992 film Poison Ivy alongside Drew Barrymore and Sara Gilbert.

Cheryl’s first big break came when she landed the role of Kris Munroe in the famous series, Charlie’s Angels. She replaced Farrah Fawcett and got introduced in the series as her cousin. Cheryl began to wear sexy clothes during her scenes, making her a hot topic on television. The show premiered in 1977, and Cheryl appeared in 87 episodes before it got canceled in 1981.

Although the main cast of the show got replaced many times, she and Jaclyn Smith remained until the show got canceled.

Ladd took advantage of the fame she got from being an “Angel” and began to venture again into singing. She appeared in variety shows and even sang the national anthem in the 1980 Super Bowl. Ladd also released a total of three albums, which made gold records.

After the success of Charlie’s Angels, Cheryl remained in the TV spotlight. While also doing movies here and there. In 1983, she starred as Grace Kelly, the princess of Monaco, in the television film, Grace Kelly. She also starred in other television films like Dead Before Dawn, Changes, and The Haunting of Lisa.

In 1994, Cheryl starred alongside Richard Burgi on the TV series, One West Waikiki. The show aired for two years. Her next long TV appearance was in 2003 when she starred in the comedy series, Las Vegas. The series then ended in 2008, before she had a guest role in CSI: Miami.

As successful as she is in the world of TV and films, Cheryl is also a happy wife and mother. She married David Ladd in 1973 and had a daughter named Jordan.

Sexy and Hot Сheryl Ladd Pictures

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