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McKayla Rose is an American gymnast and member of the renowned Fierce Five team. At the 2012 London Olympics, she earned a silver medal in the vault event.

After retiring from gymnastics in 2016, she pursued music and acting. Additionally, she became a passionate advocate for protecting athletes from abuse.

McKayla Rose was born on December 9, 1995 in Aliso Viejo, California and is an American gymnast and former member of the United States women’s team dubbed Fierce Five at the 2012 Summer Olympics where she earned a gold medal for team competition and silver for vaulting.

At the 2011 World Championships, she earned a gold medal in both team and vault competitions. This marked her second defending of her World title as an American female gymnast – becoming only the second American female to do so since 1984.

McKayla was always very active as a child, and her mother quickly recognized her potential in gymnastics. So they enrolled her into a training centre and began coaching her from an early age. McKayla is now a graduate of Gym-Max Academy in Costa Mesa and All Olympia Gymnastics Center in Aliso Viejo, California.

Hot and Sexy McKayla Rose Maroney Pictures

Won a Silver Medal at the 2012 London Olympics

At the 2012 London Olympics, a young gymnast went viral after she earned a silver medal. Her photo on the podium with an expression of disappointment quickly went viral online, becoming an Internet sensation.

Her expression of dismay became famously known as the “not impressed face.” It has since been Photoshopped into various iconic places and events, such as the moon landing and Usain Bolt’s sultry pose atop the Great Wall of China.

McKayla Rose is a former competitive gymnast who has since retired due to an array of injuries. However, she plans on returning to competitions in 2016 and competing at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2012, she won a silver medal in the vault event at the Olympics. A photo of her became popular online as an internet meme called “not impressed face.” Her sultry expression quickly went viral, propelling her further into fame and notoriety.

Retired from competitive gymnastics in 2016

McKayla Rose Maroney, born on December 9, 1995 in Aliso Viejo, California, is a former American artistic gymnast and member of the Women’s Team Fierce Five that won gold at the 2012 London Olympics.

Her parents, Mike and Erin, were active in sports; her mother was a figure skater while her dad played football at Purdue University. At nine years old, she began taking gymnastics lessons at Gym-Max in Costa Mesa to prepare for competition.

Throughout her career, she was injured several times and faced numerous setbacks. One such setback occurred in September 2012.

She fractured her left tibia while performing on uneven bars at a Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions event in Ontario, California. To fix the fracture she needed two screws inserted into her leg and wear an immobilizer; however she returned to competition by October.

Reportedly has a net worth of $4 million

McKayla Rose is one of the world’s elite gymnasts. She has earned several gold medals at the international level, including her highly sought-after Olympic gold medal in 2012. She is also the star of several YouTube videos that have gained a devoted following with over 2 million subscribers to her channel.

Additionally, she’s an enthusiastic member of the USA’s national women’s gymnastics team and passionately supports her teammates. McKayla Rose boasts a net worth of $4 million and is considered to be one of the richest women in sports. That makes her an incredibly lucky lady with plenty of material possessions to show for it! Let’s take a closer look at what makes McKayla Rose such an accomplished athlete, how that money is being invested wisely, and where it all goes!