40 Sexy and Hot Daniella Pineda Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Daniella Pineda, you cannot deny that she has the Latina charm that can haunt your dreams. Daniella Pineda is famous for her role as Zia Rodriquez in the Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom movie. As you browse through her photos, find out more about her.

Daniella Pineda was from Oakland, California, and her birthday was on February 20, 1987. Her parents are Patricia Pineda and Eric Klein. Pineda has Mexican roots.

Pineda has two siblings whose names are Anneliese Michaela and Elliot Klein. The actress admitted that her family raised her as a Christian. She had to grow up to her uncle and aunt because of financial problems. 

Aside from this information, Pineda does not reveal much about herself. Pineda has a secretive personality, which makes her hot.  

Pineda went to a school in Oakland. In college, Pineda studied sociology and radio journalism at Mills College. After graduation, Pineda treated herself with a tattoo inspired by the sculptures she saw during her family’s trip to Guggenheim.  

After college, Pineda went to New York. Her career started by working in the background in the field of radio technology. At the same time, Pineda had videos on YouTube, where she posted comedic videos that revolve around issues on women. It was also the time when somebody discovered her to become an actress.  

She became part of the TV and web series, such as Men of a Certain Age, CH Originals, Homeland, and Midnight Sun. What caught the public’s eye was not her bikini body, but her appearance as Sophie Devereaux in The Vampire Diaries. Because of this episode, The Vampire Diaries has a spinoff called The Originals. 

In The Originals series, Pineda reprised her role as Sophie and appeared in nine episodes before her character died. 

Pineda also played a significant role in the movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom as Zia Rodriquez. It was her breakthrough role, which earned her another appearance for the next Jurassic Park series, which is the Jurassic World: Dominion, which will premiere in 2021.

Pineda became part of the Mercy Black Netflix series, where she played Marina Hess, a woman who stayed at the psychiatric ward for 15 years after stabbing her classmate.   

Pineda busted her ass as an actress because she appeared in several films and TV series. 

Pineda also appeared in TV series such as American Odyssey, The Detour, What/If, and Dream Corp LLC. 

Aside from Jurassic World, Pineda also appeared in the films Newlyweds, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, Sleeping With Other People, Mr. Roosevelt, and Before/During/After. 

Pineda has been private about her life, and nobody knows if she is in a relationship. You can only assume that she is single.

Despite her popularity for playing significant roles in various TV series and films, Pineda is successful in keeping the private details about herself, which makes her an admirable woman who is not just a pretty face and big boobs.

Sexy and Hot Daniella Pineda Pictures

Sexy and Hot Daniella Pineda Pictures
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