swackett - Awesome Weather App!

I just discovered swackett... its amazing :P

It can be used anywhere at www.swackett.com/app or downloaded for free on the Mac App Store.

swackett gets your local weather, but is more useful than that. It gives more 'human' advice, such as what would be a good thing to wear, what the temperature is, and what temperature it will feel like.

There is a surprising amount of information, but it's all simple, human terms that everyone understands.

You can customise the types peeps that appear (peeps are cartoons that demonstrate the clothing).

Here are some screenshots (they are a bit zoomed out because my monitor is so small xD:
Screen shot 2011 06 25 at 23 08 19

Screen shot 2011 06 25 at 23 08 01

Screen shot 2011 06 25 at 23 08 37

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