Journey Across Greenland

Swiss photographer Renaud Kritzinger recently visited Greenland during the summer solstice. Solo trip among the icebergs and the hostile nature. He returned with many pictures showing us the large tracts frost and snow, icebergs of impressive height, but also the typical and colorful houses.

greenlandranaudk0 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk2 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk3 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk4 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk5 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk6 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk8 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk9 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk11 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk12 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk13 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk14 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk15 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk16 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk17 - journey across greenland

greenlandranaudk18 - journey across greenland

Source: renaudk

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  • January 24, 2017, 11:57 am
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