You Fail

Obviously you have seen the fail pics on this site. Look below to buy some...
Mabye when you see a fail, get these stickers, take a shot and post it.
p2327 main - you fail

p2327ex1 - you fail

Here are some examples from the website:

Armed and ready for a fail...
p2327ex3 - you fail

Hey look, FAILS!
p2327ex4 - you fail

And when you get home, what do you find?
p2327ex2 - you fail

These FAIL stickers can be bought from
Pack of 10 = £5.95 in the UK.
Approx €6 / $10

They can be bought from here:

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    That is awesome, I need to get some of those

  • 1

    I probably wouldn't whip out my credit card but still awesome

    • Jozzoh
    • October 26, 2009, 1:29 am
  • 1

    lol i need those

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