Wordle - Make Word Clouds

Wordle is a website that you can basically paste in some text and it will create a word cloud from it. The more often the word is used, the bigger it appears, a bit like a tag cloud.
You can customize the fonts, colours and positioning too!

Make one at www.wordle.net

You can also just paste in a link to a blog or del.ico.us to make clouds too.
To keep your word cloud, you can click the print button. Unfortunately you cant save an image (or at least i cant find the save button) so you will have to take and crop a screenshot :-(.

This is one I made when i was bored. The lyrics to Roflmao!
Just in case you havent heard "roflmao" the video is below:
roflmao - wordle - make word clouds

Oh, before Luke or Jarrod says anything, my English teacher showed me this, but I found it pretty cool.

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    lmao-lmao do-doooo-dooo-doo-do.

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    Mrs Pennington FTW! :D

    • Luke8D
    • July 21, 2010, 11:34 am
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    lol u like the roflmao?

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    Yeah, lmao :P

    • Luke8D
    • July 21, 2010, 1:46 pm
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