What do YOU do when you get bored?

Ok, im just wondering what you have got up to while bored at school, work or anywhere else.

here are some things i have done...
>Constantly hum the Mahna Mahna tune from the Muppets These two songs get stuck
>Constantly hum the Cantina band tune from Star Wars in peoples heads.
>Make fart noises with my hands... Noone notices.
>Move the teachers chair with my feet
>Wave a laser pointer around the teachers back
>Get a clicky pen, and slam the pen bit on the desk. the top flies off :P
>Hold on to the end of a strawberry lace, swallow it then pull it back up
my friend also did this, and threw it at the wall. it got stuck
>Write 'You got Sharpied' everywhere with a sharpie
>Draw/write on the tables using Invisible UV pen
>Say 'smells' after everyones name is called out eg... Jack! --Smells
>Pretend to be asleep, then jump up and go RAAARRR! to the person next to me...
they allways fall for it
>Bit open an ink cartridge
>Put an ink cartridge in a vice (clamp whatever) and squeezed it until it popped.

Cant think of any more. What do you do when you are boored?

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    rofl bit open an ink cartridge ahah , ernest :)
    i ahte the tho i dont even know im chewing on it and like i get ink on me FUCK :P

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