WTF Jesus Tattoos

raptor jesus tattoo

einstein jesus tattoo

gumbi jesus tattoo

hello kitty jesus tattoo

jesus cajun chef tattoo

jesus is cool tattoo

I aint afraid of no ghost jesus tattoo

jesus is my homey

jesus pez tattoo

zombie jesus fish tattoo

jesus riding a dinosaur tattoo

jesus rocks tattoo

jesus spock tattoo design

pimp jesus tattoo

omg lol jesus tattoo

two in the pink one in the stink jesus

zombie jesus tattoo

gay jesus tattoo

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  • 2

    How long did you play for the "Ols christians" in the Uruguayan rugby team

    • Math
    • April 3, 2010, 2:44 pm
  • 2

    Not long, team spirit kinda went south after the crash, and Jesus was an irreplaceable prop-forward.

    • Ruleb
    • April 4, 2010, 1:06 am
  • 1

    there so holy

  • 1

    haha, the two in the pink one in the stink is my arm :) ooops

  • 0

    Why should we? He's not real, it's not like there's any consequences.

  • 0

    You know how this inevitable religion debate will go...
    Opinions, hatred, and blasphemy all around.

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