Top iPhone Apps!

iPhone Apps. So many of them. Its hard to think what to get!

Well, Im gonna share a few of my favourites with you guys, including games and just useful apps.

I will tell you the app store names so you can actually find them xD
Click the App Name to be linked to the iTunes page...

Price: FREE!
alarm icon

Don't you sometimes wish you had a good old alarm clock like we all used to have? Now we all just use our phones, but with Alarm! you get them good old days back. An LCD style display with customisable colours (Green/yellow, Blue, Red and Classic LCD). It even goes all the way down to an alarm that sounds like the old clocks!

It works portrait, if you have a docking station, or it works horizontally if you just can have it balanced that way :P
It also has a feature that will prevent the phone from locking, so the clock will stay on show all night. Just remember to keep it on charge!
alarm shot

Price: FREE!
bump icon

Bump was featured on one of the iPhone Ads. You simply start the app on two devices (a friends device!) and bump them into eachother! They will connect, and then you can transfer contacts, photos, and even request a facebook friend!!

Cut the Rope
Price: $0.99 / £0.59 - Free Version Available
ctr icon

It may be a paid app, but i assure you, its the best 99c / 59p you will spend on a game. It's classified as a kids game, but it's addicting and entertaining. The object is to get the piece of candy to the green monster. The candy is normally hung from a piece of rope, which can be cut by sliding your finger across it. However, you start to get more puzzles and mechanisms, from whoopie cushions to adjustable ropes, and candy stealing spiders!

There are currently 100 levels, split into 4 level packs of 25 levels.
As the introduction shows the monster arriving in a box, the level packs are names after boxes, going Cardboard box, to Foil box, to Fabric box and finally Gift box. After completing these, there is an invisible box saying that more levels will be added on the next update!
mzlvwijglha320x480 75 - top iphone apps!

Fruit Ninja
Price: $0.99 / £0.59 - No free version
fruit ninja icon

This has no free version, but its another one of these cheap apps. Endless Fun!!!
This is guaranteed to give you its worth in entertainment. Simply, slice as much fruit as you can and avoid the bombs. Its strangely fun...
mzluznmfrsq320x480 75 - top iphone apps!

mzlomowbroq320x480 75 - top iphone apps!

Price: $0.99 / £0.59 - No Free Version
iPhone 4 / 4th Gen iPod touch ONLY

gs icon - top iphone apps!

GyroSynth is entertaining in its own way. Its based on the Theramin instrument, which you played by moving your hands round it. Depending on the Phones rotation and tilt, it will produce a different sound. You can fine tune these sounds to your liking. Not much else to say or even show a screenshot, as its just a control panel. Great for passing time!

For me, these are the really great apps. Try them! They are all worth buying!

What are your favourites?

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    How do you know if someone has an iphone?

    They tell you.


    aint that the truth
    - DarkicoN13 November 6, 2010, 5:44 am

    no, im trying to not advertise the fact i have an iphone. Anyway, i wanted to find a few new apps xD

    hey, at least its not an iPad :)
    - SkinnyBill November 6, 2010, 8:31 am
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