The unsinkable pygmy gecko - Updated

The little Brazilian pygmy gecko is able to do something, that seems unbelievable to us humans.

Because of it's hydrophobic skin and notably small size, gecko can float on water and even walk on it.

The little gecko doesn't sink because of water surface tension. It uses this property of liquids just like a pondskater.

Special skin of pygmy gecko works like a waterproof jacket. It repels water.

Scientists say this ability is result of evolution - when you're so small, there's a high probability of drowning even in the smallest puddle.

Pygmy gecko species can be found in Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname and Bolivia.

Photo credit BBC
pygmy gecko6

Photo credit BBC
pygmy gecko

Photo credit BBC
pygmy gecko2

Photo credit BBC
pygmy gecko3

Photo credit BBC
pygmy gecko4

Photo credit BBC
pygmy gecko5

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