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This isn't against anyone, and i respect all the dead, but this is quite funny:

Whenever the footballer 'Aaron Ramsey' scores any goals, someone famous always dies.

His last 4 goals were against the following clubs:
Arsenal vs Manchester United (1st May 2011)
Totenham vs Arsenal (2nd October 2011)
Marseille vs Arsenal (20th October 2011)
Sunderland vs Arsenal (11th February 2012)

Now, lets look at those dates again:

1st May 2011 - Ramsey scored in Arsenal's win over Manchester United, and the day after at 2.00 am Osama bin Laden died.

2nd October 2011 - He scored in their loss over Totenham, and just 3 days later Steve Jobs died.

20th October 2011 - He scored in the last minute to beat Marseille, and on the same day Muammar Gaddafi died.

And just yesterday he scored against Sunderland, and you know who also died yesterday? Whitney Houston!

He needs to stop scoring!

Also, on the 27th February 2010 he broke his leg in a game against Stoke, and the day later an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 hit Chile

aaron ramsey
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Posted: 2012-02-12 18:29:30

Responses (9) // Sorted by points

  • dogggy - replied 2012-02-12 21:35:52
    If we kill him will we all die?
    • Fail4424 - replied 2012-02-12 21:47:47
      i don't think you can kill him,
      the person who kills him will die, meaning he wouldn't have been alive to kill him, so he would still be alive, so the person who went to kill him would still be alive, so he would kill him....
      this reminds me a lot of this:

      (if that dosn't make any sense then don't worry, can't think straight atm)
      • dogggy - replied 2012-02-12 23:03:18
        Sounds legit
      • moelester - replied 2012-02-13 01:29:47
        My brain hurts
    • MIKYTEY - replied 2012-02-12 21:39:29
      i believe, based on the evidence at hand, yes...
  • MalverdeAl100 - replied 2012-02-13 02:49:20
    May 1st, 2011 - I took a shit.
    Osama Bin Laden dead next day.

    October 2nd, 2011 - I took a big shit.
    Steve Jobs died four days later.

    October 20th, 2011 - I took a shit.
    Muammar Gaddahi died the next day.

    Febuary 11th, 2012 - I took TWO shits!
    Whitney Houston died the next day.
    • MissRandom - replied 2012-02-13 05:36:32
      we need to stop this man from going to the toilet!!!!
    • Fail4424 - replied 2012-02-13 07:55:02
      so, between now and 1st May 2011 you have only taken 4 shits?
      i think you need to see a doctor.....pretty soon!!
      • Tremp20k - replied 2012-02-13 12:29:07
        fuck that just some horse laxatives should be ok

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