The most useful YouTube tip!

So, have you ever tried to watch a YouTube video and you have been told you can't watch it for any reason?
Reasons include "You must be 18 to watch this video" or "This video isn't available in your country".
Screen shot 2010 09 22 at 18 11 PM

Here is how to watch them!

Take the Video ID down. Its the number that you find in bold. Its 11 letters/numbers long and IS case sensitive!!! The important part is JUST the video ID.


Note that you DONT write down anything after the &, as they are just parameters such as a playlist number. Ignore this. You need the bit after the = and before the &.

Now what you do is change the URL slightly. Type this in:
or whatever your video ID was.

This gives you the "embed" player, so you cant comment/like/favourite, but it will be fully sized to your window, and it will appear like an embedded video, like this:

Screen shot 2010 09 22 at 18 12 PM

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