The best poker players and how much money they make [Infographic]

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    Bravo - great post.... I love playing and only dream of being this successful at it. I watch the WSOP from time to time and love seeing someone go all in , and then get bitch-slapped on the river... its awesome and should be the definition of heartbreak - can you imagine what loosing $5 Million feels like ?????

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    Bro that is a ridiculously awesome bio on him. So he won just under a million at the 10k no limit hold-em in Monte Carlo.... thats so bad ass. I usually go to AC ( Atlantic City ) with my friends for the weekend and I spit my time between craps , and 5-10 no limit Omaha and Hold-em. that is really awesome though and I can only imagine playing a tournament for days... After 10-12 hours ( the longest I have sat at 1 table ) I am ready for a meal and then bed... .

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    I love poker, but I'm not a pro. Meanwhile, a friend of mine (here he is) has a real passion for it. He's been spending a lot of time playing poker with professional players and has recently won nearly 1 million bucks in Monte Carlo. He used to tell that poker can be very exhausting. Imagine playing in some serious tournament. It takes days and sometimes you have to play 12 hours per day, taking only very short breaks. You have to survive, avoid making mistakes (and it's really hard when you're tired after playing for so many hours) and use the opportunities to cash in on other players mistakes. Professional poker is a sport.

    • Paul
    • July 29, 2010, 9:20 am
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