Tell me about you!

Share with us all everything you want to say. Im not going to set some specific information because obviously some people only want to give away some information.

Anyway, lets just give each other an idea of who all of us are.

Heres mine!

My name is William, and my friends call me either "Bill, Skinnybill, Skinny, and Fatty."
Im 14 and go to Secondary school (thats high school for you americans.)
I live in South East England
I like gaming and extremely good at computers.

Im interested in a few types of Computer programming:
I have personally learned
HTML and CSS. (Web pages)
I am personally learning
JavaScript, PHP (Web pages), C,(Desktop programming language)
Im planning on learning:
Cocoa (Apple programming language. I need to learn C first, as its based on C. Cocoa is used to make Mac programs and also iPhone apps).

I prefer Adobe Fireworks to Photoshop, so my expression is "I firework'd it" (not really, but im thinking of using it).

I play World of Warcraft... although, according to everyone else, i dont play very well.
I have an Xbox 360, a Wii and a PS..2 >:( lol

My computer is a Macbook Pro 13", which most of you will call me gay for, but its your personal opinion what computer you use, and i respect that ^.^

I have a dog called Simba, who im going to walk now.

I like various types of music, although if you asked me i couldnt tell you, as i dont know the names of any songs :D

Thats about all i want to share :-)

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    I live in South East England too!!!
    That's all I can be bothered to share atm :P

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