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    #8 apple fanboys
    dell laptop around 600 € apple starts with 1200€

    • Vans
    • April 8, 2013, 6:23 pm
    Oh yeah, I know :)
    This deliberately omits pricing by the looks of things. But it does have a point O_o
    - SkinnyBill April 9, 2013, 4:28 am
    overexaggerated but yeah a bit truth.
    Even though a lot "inventions" from apple are kinda stolen, they just know how to bring it on the market.
    Like the tablet is a product from microsoft, nobody wanted to buy it, a few years later apple was like "oh my fucking god I just saw the future and I brought the future to you here it is the ipad"
    - Vans April 9, 2013, 6:07 pm
    Yeah. Well if you've seen one of the interviews with Steve Jobs where he talks about the iPad when it first came out, basically he said along the lines of;
    We look at trends in the industry. And we saw this demand for a more portable computer that was simpler to use. This isn't exactly new, but the technology for it just wasn't there. We felt that we are now at the point where we can take this and make it really good, with a great touchscreen and specialised UI.

    "We at Apple make products WE WOULD WANT TO USE OURSELVES. If people like the product, they'll buy it. And if they don't, they wont! ... and all I can say right now is... people seem to be really liking iPads..." *laughter and applause*

    In all fairness, he had a good point. Yes, microsoft made the tablet PC. But it ran Windows XP. It didn't have impressive touchscreen support, and the resistive touchscreen it used was... crap. However, around 2007 with the release of iPhone, the newer type of Capacitive touchscreen came around. This is much better to use with fingers, as we all know, and supports multiple touches. There are reports from people high up in Apple (possibly Wozniak) that Steve showed them his idea for what would be the iPad... back in the 90s. Apple made that thing called the newton or whatever. It wasn't a success. The technology wasn't ready basically.

    It all boils down to timing really. Apple tried the iPad before and it failed. Microsoft tried it and it failed for the same kind of reason. Then Apple waited for a technology that would make it work as a product and now it's a huge success.

    - SkinnyBill April 9, 2013, 6:34 pm
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    I hardly got any of these. notnerdyenuff

    Haha :)
    Let's have a quick description :)

    #1 - Look at the badge: Cooler Master
    #2 - Programmers *really* like showing off their code. You can guess the rest (kinda like some people are about cars and stuff)
    #3 - This is a joke based on DirectX11's "tessellation" - a technology which makes 2d surfaces 3d by raising them in certain ways. Conventionally things like brick walls in games look 3d only straight ahead because from the side angle it looks flat. Tessellation uses extra data to "raise" the bricks away from the wall to look more realistic. See below image:

    #4 - when you buy a processor, it comes with a sticker that you can put on your case to say what you have (eg. an Intel Core i7 sticker), in this case, its an "AMD FX Unlocked Processor" sticker. Because of how CPUs are displayed in pictures, he thought the sticker was supposed to go on the processor itself, which is a really bad idea...
    #5 - Pretty self explanatory
    #6 - This is a Linux based joke about a sound driver called "ALSA" - which is pretty famous for not working for most people. It's a spinoff of the exploitable "welcome aboard" comic by Cyanide and Happiness (Google "Welcome Aboard")
    #7 - The nVidia codenamed 'fermi' architecture cards are famous for producing a LOT of heat. I don't know if it's true or not, but people like to say that they [will] cause housefires
    #8 - Self explanatory if you have looked at Dell HP and Asus marketing and products. Dell always are like 'WITH WINDOWS 7!!!!", HP like to make things look fun and magical, and also fired a load of people like a week after WebOS was released, and ASUS make some really outstanding things, but also look like Apple products (without looking like they copied). IMO, ASUS is the Apple of the PC world. When I buy PC things, I tend to buy ASUS.
    #9 - Apple users are known as sheep who do what they're told by Apple and follow each other
    #10 - Difficult to explain in Laymans terms, but your router probably runs a DHCP server for 'zero config'. It will automatically assign a new device an internal IP address (to communicate within the network), and tell the computer all the settings it needs to know. Sometimes DHCP servers like to fuck about and that generally means you can't connect to the internet or even computers on the local network without configuring the settings yourself - assigning yourself an internal IP which isn't used already, putting in the subnet mask, the IP of the router, and if you want internet access, DNS servers. NOTE: client is the computer, DHCP server is the router.
    #11 - Valve being Valve
    - SkinnyBill April 10, 2013, 7:56 am
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