Suggestion: Groups!

So, I was thinking (lol sounds like a windows 7 advert)...

anyway, I was thinking that we could have a group system for the "new" sharenator.

What i suggest is that we have a sort of network of groups, where users can join into groups, a bit like Facebook maybe. These could be fun groups or whatever.

For example, there could be a group called "Grammar Nazi's", which I would probably be in, and also CallMeGoogle would probably in it too xD (5% share for the mention)
Another group idea could be "Moderators"...

These groups could maybe have a badge/trophy kind of system, which could be defined by group admins. (eg, Grammar Nazi Noob (<10 critisisms), Grammar Nazi Pro (50+ critisisms) etc).

Groups could also have group points and posts, which could be shown for a group as well as the individual user.
Points could be added together as a total of the users in the group's points
Points earned from posts created while in the group
OR anything else you can think.

This could also go with group rankings...

Along with "trophies" or whatever, you could get titles too (sorry, im thinking of World of Warcraft here)
For example, I would show as "SkinnyBill the Grammar Pro" or something.

I was also thinking, to be more complicated, there could be a possible number of groups a person can be in, where they either gain points for both or choose a group to earn points for.

So, for example, i could be in the groups:
Moderators and Grammar Nazi's, but only earn points for Grammar Nazi's.

People could also make their own groups, and specify custom trophies or badges, titles and all that...

Some group name suggestions are, based on the kind of posts specific people do;
Grammar Nazi's
Flasher (as in flash files, you dirty thing!)
WoW Players
Xbox 360 FTW
PS3 Rocks!
Linux User
Anti-Mac (Pains me to list this one, being a Mac user myself)
Kill All Trolls!

And so on...

Good Idea?

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    Good idea, I'd be on board. Sounds quite complicated at first but great idea.

    and you didn't end it with: 'I'm a PC and Sharenator groups was my idea' lol

    lolz... xD
    - SkinnyBill December 8, 2010, 8:35 am
  • 3

    Great idea another group should be anime fans (i would definitely be in it).

    • Deano10
    • December 7, 2010, 11:38 am
  • 3

    I like this idea, but you need a PC gamer group, not just PS3 and xbox :)

    • SuDoku
    • December 7, 2010, 11:39 am
  • 2

    sounds like a lot of effort for paul and darius to me

    well, ill be honest, probably just a couple of hundred lines of code and a couple more entries into the Databases. Well, to be honest, a few hundred lines can easily be 1 line, because php lines end in a semicolon, so you can start the next "line" after the semicolon without dropping a line. However, it keeps things tidy.
    - SkinnyBill December 8, 2010, 8:37 am
    th sheer amount of code sounds like a headache though...
    - drakengard85 December 8, 2010, 10:30 am
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    I would love to be in the "Kill All Trolls" club. However I can't help but think that these groups would somehow lead to uneeded conflict; I don't think it would be unfounded to believe that it could develope into a sort of "flame war" between groups that are from different religious or political clubs. Then again, If you are allowed to be in different clubs you could be a part of a "Keep it Civil" club in addition to any other.

    I don't think that points earned from posts ought to go to the clubs though. Points are usually to reward funniness and shouldn't be about a compitition between clubs. I think clubs should be more about an expression as to what kind of person you are, perhaps by choosing one club which you agree with the most to be displayed differently or in a personally chosen order. For example, you could be a member of the "Keep it Civil" club as well as a "Wise-ass" club, and you could rank it to be read as "I like to keep it civil, but above all I am a Wise-ass." by listing "wise-ass" as a #1 before "Keep it Civil" as a #2, and keep it going for however many clubs you belong to.

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