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2a7c1e01 a2a4 45e7 8549 a2a4911f8308 - sketchy santas
560ebbd4 2510 497b 81bb 7d8e6472579c - sketchy santas
64d2e289 5077 422b 99fb 350b4f0ccad1 - sketchy santas
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sketchy santa fails good thing he has a diaper on
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e0312625 d6ff 4f43 94d0 3c92fd9942cc - sketchy santas
sketchy santa fails im going to bicycle kick my way out
sketchy santa fails take me back moooom
sketchy santa fails santas a little hungry
sketchy santa fails santa claus ome
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18f961e4 63ac 4d29 8a8d 9244c6e2f620 - sketchy santas
6cc0d39e 847d 48b8 9196 e73d86c38852 - sketchy santas
a0b2d0f3 062a 4c0e a9a2 5c3ceb0e32dd
sketchy santa fails look into my eyes
sketchy santa fails do you see this guy
sketchy santa fails and they wonder why i drink
sketchy santa fails stocking stuffer bonus
sketchy santa fails santas gonna slackline
sketchy santa fails photo evidence
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Posted: 2010-12-11 08:56:16

Responses (6) // Sorted by points

  • Awesome - replied 2010-12-11 09:20:57
    :O +3
  • defmid26 - replied 2010-12-11 12:36:12
    I will have to post the "Naughty Santa" in my dining hall once I get a picture of it.
  • Disco - replied 2010-12-11 14:19:28
    *4th from last*

    Now you know why Santa's cheeks are always red.
  • Naugron - replied 2010-12-12 02:31:29
    Damn, almost every photo reminds me of Hagrid...
  • Tremp20k - replied 2010-12-12 05:05:58
    ROBO SANTA HAHAHAHA ah Futurama your awesome

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