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25% to 24paperwings because he is a boss and i saw him the other day

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Cyanide and Happiness
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cyanide and happiness ftw
Even after half an hour
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I got bored
Later asks for more tools
Knock out some more
legit sign at a church in my neighborhoodfor background info its been really hot all week and toronto got the hottest day ever on record yesterday
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Next up dumped 360
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www pinkbike
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Posted: 2011-07-30 10:37:08

Responses (13) // Sorted by points

  • moelester - replied 2011-07-30 22:44:59
    star wars for sure
    • Albane - replied 2011-08-01 12:27:53
      Star Trek would win. Shields.

      Just googled it. Sad that someone did all the research for me on this.

      • moelester - replied 2011-08-01 19:33:42
        well i dont tink its just in the Enterprise and a Star Destroyer, star trek might have that, but on the ground star wars has them beat
        • Ertrov - replied 2011-08-01 20:31:49
          The Imperial Star Destroyer could send out TIE Fighters, plus they rarely travel alone. I doubt the Enterprise could take down multiple Destroyers as well as their collective fighters. Not to mention the possibility of Vader being on the ship. Captain Kirk has no defense against the Dark Side. Or better acting.
          • moelester - replied 2011-08-01 21:57:08
            true on so many levels
      • tempfaux - replied 2011-12-28 22:22:41
        I read through those links and it actually says the Star Wars shields would be better. There's a couple problems with their 'research' though (one being its a Star Wars based site so there's bound to be a confirmation bias). They rule out the Star Trek Technical Manual as canon, why just because that's why... it was written by the writers of the show based on the episodes up to that time how can it not be cannon. Then when looking at the Star Wars shields they dismiss anything that points to the shields being crappy as being non canon (even if its in the ORIGINAL movies) and quote from the 100's of novels written by joe shmoe as if they're canon... I could spend the next hour going back and forth through the holes in most of his arguments but the fact I've looked at it this long is making me a bit sad lol.
  • exile - replied 2011-07-30 11:58:39
    #30 is some funny shit
  • peace - replied 2011-07-30 12:24:32

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