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OK bear with me here, its probably a good idea to read this first...

As some of you may know, there is a new type of HTML now called HMTL5. It adds a lot of extras to HMTL which is useful.

Youtube now has a HTML5 Player, which is pretty much identical to the normal Flash one, but doesn't require a plugin! Yes, thats right, Youtube videos, no plugin (extension).

The HMTL5 player is no different to use, and if you want to use it, you can Opt In to the Beta. It will use the HTML5 player on any Non-add or annotation video. Currently annotations are not supported by HTML5, and neither are adverts. If you get a non supported video it will use the old player.

Full screen works partially. Pressing full screen makes it fit the window, so you need to put your browser in fullscreen too.

you know if you are using HTML5 because there is an additional banner at the bottom...
Screen shot 2010 08 26 at 10 31 AM

Now, the good part!
HTML5 has an ADDITIONAL FEATURE that flash DOESNT have.
You can control playback speed!!!
So, using the HTML5 player, you can make it faster and slower.

To use the HTML5 player, go to THIS LINK and click the link at the bottom. To stop using HTML5, do the same thing.

Then, watch this video: (Its the texting while driving video)

At the bottom, next to the quality, it says "Normal". Click it and change the speed to 2x.
Screen shot 2010 08 26 at 10 58 AM

Enjoy the magic of HTML5!

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    Haha love it +3 so much fun to be had

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