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So I've been looking for headphones for a while, my standard iPod ears are dead and now I want REAL quality sound.

I need headphones ONLY for listening music, so no microphones or stuff for the mobile.

Maybe it helps if I show you what kind of music I listen:

I'm hesitating about these brands:

Beats by Dr. Dre
(you know other/better brands?)

The price I would pay would be € 150 MAX ($200).

What headphones would you recommend?

Quickly, before my blood stops circulating..

2729611385 90a2ef8165 - quick! i need new headphones!
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Posted: 2011-10-18 15:39:49

Responses (4) // Sorted by points

  • gemie89 - replied 2011-10-18 16:14:11
    Just look on Amazon for a pair with a good frequency/decibel range. Beats by dre seem horribly overpriced. the other brands are not to bad. My roommate has a really nice speaker that we use not like computer speakers but concert. it's nice at 1/4 power. the windows might blow if it's cranked up...
  • drakengard85 - replied 2011-10-18 18:16:39
    Bose and Beats are overpriced, You're paying more for the Brand Name then anything.
    I would suggest looking for some sennheisers, I have had a pair of sennheiser earbuds for a year that I love.
  • WRAPPEDinBACON - replied 2011-10-18 21:33:34
    I got a pair of Beats. Hands down the best ear/headphones I've ever heard. I used to buy lots and lots of skullcandy, but hands down, beats is the best I've ever had. Worth the money IMO. Of course, its my opinion and others are bound to disagree... Just stating MY opinion. Whether or not you take it into consideration is up to you :)
  • JonnymusPrime - replied 2011-10-19 18:29:26
    i've got a pair of Sony XB700's:
    41gvi ngwcl sl500 aa300 - quick! i need new headphones!

    brilliant for bassy tunes, which looks like the sort of thing you're into, and they're under £70 on amazon. also the comfiest things i've ever put my ears into, i could literally fall asleep in them. just sayin...

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