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Black and White actually have their names from the Ying-Yang symbol. That's why the respective legendary Pokemon for White is Zekrom, a black colored dragon; while the legendary of Black is Reshiram, a white dragon. Zekrom is Dragon/Electric type; Reshiram is Dragon/Electric type.
BW Prerelease Zekrom battle
BW Prerelease Reshiram battle
Yes, the battles will be in 3D, and you can see the entire Pokemon's body (More for your pokemon than anything) and the attacks are supossedly way more advanced and graphic than they were. And in the battling realm, it now introduced triple battles.
BW Prerelease triple battle
The characters we'll be using, or our avitars/sprites, will actually be teenagers, not 10-year-old kids. And the starters are a little...Unorthodox. An otter, pig, and grass-snake. (Mijumaru [Water], Pokabu [Fire] and Tsutarja [Grass]).
494 - pokemon black & white
497 - pokemon black & white
500 - pokemon black & white
In addition to the improved graphics, a number of aesthetic changes have been made from previous generations, including an altered battle scene containing fully animated Pokémon battle sprites as well as a dynamic camera that changes focus to highlight specific parts of the battle. Also, when talking to people in select environments, like a Pokémon Center and Poké Mart, speech balloons for dialog will appear over people's heads.
BW Prerelease Bridge lookout
Black and White will be compatible with all five Generation IV games. While the full details are not yet known, transferring the shiny legendary beasts released to promote the thirteenth movie in Japan has been confirmed to unlock a Zoroark, and transferring a Celebi met in a fateful encounter will earn the player a Zorua. The games also have the capacity to connect to the internet; players can upload their save file and play online.

180px zorua - pokemon black & white
180px zoroark - pokemon black & white

It has also been stated that, Isshu would be behind the proir regions technoligically-wise. Many areas that are highly populated will have huge skyscrapers and trains, while other areas will remain behind enough to look older.

Now, if you need a resource for my information, then go ahead and check out the following website, as it will be updating with EVERY announcement from the Black&White Teams. <http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Front_page>
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