Operating Systems

Stability, customizability and User Frendlieness. What do you like best?use this to help:
song chart memes operating systems

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    Honestly when it comes down to it, it's a personal preference. Seriously who cares, they all access the same internet right? They all power the same basic hardware right? Propriety and crap set aside, you press the power button, the BIOS screen appears, then the OS logos you to death as you load up.... Who cares what it is as long as you're happy. I have a 32 page analasys of OSX, Vista, and 4 linux OS's side by side with pros and cons. They all weigh in about the same, not enough to bother worrying about it. Find one you like and have fun, backup your data or you're a moron. :P

    - Your Friendly HP tech! Hahahaha

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    no i diddnt. its called graphjam

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    oh btw ur post is a good one

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    you totally copied my post >=[

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