My life goals

Post 20 of your lives goals (even if you have already done them!) here.
Comment what you want!
'1) find 'x' in a maths question (
2) Throw something at Ms Allison
3) Seriously injure perry foord
4) Slam my face in a cake
5) Squirt an entire can of whipped cream in my mouth and swallow
6) Reach 10,000 seconds on the wasted life counter
7) Abseil [Done]
8) Successfully do the ninja glare in less than 2 seconds
9) Run into a window that i 'diddnt' see
10) sew macdonalds for making me fat
11) Throw an egg in downing street
12) Sneak in the cinema
13) Hack Websense [Sorta]
14) "buy" windows vista [Done]
15) Break 5 computer mouses [3/5]
16) "Drop" some bricks on someones foot
17) Put a table over someones bed and then blow an air horn so that they jump up and smack their head on the table (see householdhacker's april fools jokes)
18) Build a computer
19)Have a pointless goal [Done]
20) Not to have a 20th goal

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    my life goals
    1. find skinnybill
    2. plan something quick
    3. wait for right time
    4. kill him
    5. hide him
    6. avoid polices
    7. move to mexico
    8. fly to asia with the body
    9. gets away with it
    10. cook the body
    11. eat it
    12. build a business that sells the body parts
    13. after its over, fly back to usa
    14. have a good life without skinny bill around
    15. say cheers to skinnybill front of the police
    16. get arrested
    17. escape from the prison
    18. fly back to asia
    19. live there
    20. die

    • Kakuzu
    • June 19, 2009, 7:05 am
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    haha i dont live in the usa :D

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    my life goal is to come to the usa
    i am in england and it shit lol
    o and sleep with a pussy cat doll lol

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