Movies to see before you die

titanic poster

Batman The Dark Knight
batman - movies to see before you die

teminator - movies to see before you die

Forest Gump
forrest gump poster1

Cool Runnings (yeah man!)
CR DVD cover

And I thought i would put my fave film on which is Called Sahara
sahara - movies to see before you die

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    so hard to follow, but good job in finding

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    I've found a better version here :

    With the pdf file, you can click in the list

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    what?! they are amazing films, get your arse down to a dvd rental and rent them! honest its well worth it!

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    Columbia House sent me Sahara by mistake, and I had it for over a year before I opened the plastic wrap and watched it. I wish I had of left the wrap on.......

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    Maaaaybe Forrest Gump. The rest... not so much.

    • juniper
    • October 13, 2010, 12:37 am
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    Somebody didn't pay attention in english lit.

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