Manpoint challenge

On a given night out/weekend/party/event you can compete against your bros for manpoints (mpts). The winner is the bro with the most mpts. Alternately the bro with the least mpts loses and must complete some sort of forfeit or any bro failing to meet a target score may have to do a forfeit.

How to get manpoints? Complete tasks on the list below:

Down your drink +10mpts
Unsuccessful attempt to down your beverage –8mpts
Spill your, or someone else’s, alcohol –12mpts
Pull a girl +25mpts
Get to second base +35mpts
Get to third base +45mpts
Get laid +100mpts
Tent boy off (take a girl back to your place/tent who wants to fool around, instead fall asleep deliberately) +125mpts
Get slapped +8mpts
Defend a woman’s honour +20mpts
Start a fight +20mpts
Win a fight +15mpts
Get rejected/boyed off/turned down by a girl –15mpts
Get your bro laid +125mpts
Sex act in a public place +35mpts
Roll a cross joint +18mpts
Get served alcohol when underage +60mpts
Take class C drugs +10mpts
Take class B drugs +20mpts
Take class A drugs +30mpts
Get paralytic +80mpts
Get your stomach pumped –90mpts
Pass out +20mpts
Throw up –20mpts
Tactically chunder +40mpts
Projectile vomit +15mpts
Piss yourself –30mpts
Shit yourself –50mpts
Tag an animal with your urination +50mpts
Take a dump in a public place +40mpts
Put your bros before hoes +50mpts
Any chivalrous act +15mpts
Be naked in a public place +30mpts
Inadvertently take roofies –35mpts
Get raped –95mpts
Get anally penetrated –40mpts
See boobs +20mpts
Cock block –20mpts
Call the cops –45mpts
Start a fire +35mpts
Steal something random (traffic cones, oven mitts ect) +20mpts
Call the biggest stranger you can find a cunt to his face +35mpts
Keg stand +30mpts
4 litre strongbow challenge +40mpts
Open a beer for a bro +6mpts
Open a beer using a part of your body +15mpts
Lend a bro the use of your lighter +3mpts
Smoke a cigar +15mpts
Die +10000mpts
Get arrested +35mpts
Drive drunk –60mpts
Hit a woman –200mpts
Threesome +80mpts
Devil’s threeway (two guys one girl) –30mpts
Eye contact during a devil’s threeway –45mpts
Receive a blumpkin +85mpts
Travel at over 15mph on a skateboard (try skitching) +35mpts
Find a way onto the roof +20mpts
Piss off the roof +10mpts
Take a dump off the roof +30mpts
Jump off the roof +10mpts
Crowd surf +20mpts
Bang a milf +30mpts
Bang a fat chick +40mpts
Steal a bros girl –80mpts
Cheat on your girl –75mpts
Destroy a death star +250mpts
Buy a round of drinks +10mpts
Punch a Justin Bieber fan +60mpts
Save Private Ryan +150mpts
Wake up in a different country/state/county +35mpts
Attempt to breakdance +20mpts
Run from the cops +40mpts
Win a wager +30mpts
Make a slap bet +15mpts
Go back on your word –25mpts
Lie for your bro +20mpts
Ask for directions while driving –35mpts
Danger wank +45mpts
Get walked in on and finish +50mpts
Lose the game –30mpts

Feel free to make suggestions and I’ll add them in.

  • Macky
  • July 15, 2011, 2:05 am
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