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Posted: 2011-03-08 13:20:34

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  • btw32 - replied 2011-03-08 14:15:20
    lol the Seattle sperm bank one is real! other reviews:

    I had such a hard time when I was looking for this place, so it felt so good when I finally came, so good that I think part of me will remain here forever as frozen in time and space. Anyway, I finally am ready to bring joy to women again, specially those that aren't getting any, if you get my drill ;)

    A warm and friendly staff My favorite place to take a load off when I'm hard up for cash. They've never left me hanging; not even when I had a short fuse and exploded on the receptionist. I'll definitely come again!

    Seattle Sperm Bank Their gravy is unlike any other

    • Mocahking - replied 2011-03-08 17:59:54
      Beautiful. Inspiring, in fact.
  • Tremp20k - replied 2011-03-09 03:02:40
    i would never subject my kids to that trash, rise against foo fighters metallica and classic rock for them
  • ricochetrabbit - replied 2011-03-08 14:26:14
    haha! ive done that shit at the grocery store before. and said the exact same thing on the drive home. +3 for that one alone!
  • Happy14 - replied 2011-12-15 13:24:01
    How is the sign in the last picture a deterent.

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