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At first I just started with little Grammar Nazi stuff now and then.
Now i have a small troll photo album.
Photobombs and other trolly things forthcoming.
ideas on how to troll better are appreciated

here is the album with captions:
I can't think who to give credit to since most of your posts contributed to these ideas so I'll up-rate most of your comments on this post. Most came from the post about explaining profile pictures but i couldn't find it.

1212101749 02 - i'm beginning to troll fb
Taking a picture of myself in the bathroom.
I know... its AWESOME
I'm totally a rebel

1212101750 00 - i'm beginning to troll fb
Its blurry cause I'm in a rush.
I'm totally not self-conscious or anything like that lul

I'm deep in thought so i can't even look at the camera. It's also black and white because I'm Totally hip and stuff.

A "timer"?
I've never heard of that on a camera. is that new or something? Oh well i probably couldn't figure it out anyway :)

guess who just discover what that little button at the bottom of Photobooth does.
I'm also a funny guy because I tagged all of the Me's.

photo 11 - i'm beginning to troll fb
Uh oh! Guess Who just got promoted to ninja.

I'm tots Gangsta in dis heer pic cause i was bown on dah streets. I got all my muns that I had to sell drugs and women and kill people fo. I got my old gangsta shades on inside and thats not a tv in the background playing discovery channel at all. its gunfire

woooo. I'm so ripped from being on fb and caring about my social life all day.
this picture doesn't make me look like a D bag at all.
I also happen to not be overcompensating for anything.


I will try to post more; since I feel bad about not contributing on here much anymore.
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Posted: 2010-12-12 18:17:03

Responses (9) // Sorted by points

  • Naugron - replied 2010-12-14 06:13:07
    Photo 11 Im beginning to troll FB

  • tacolad - replied 2010-12-12 18:34:58
    dude this whole time i thought ur name was campinGIRL
    i never even took the time to actually c it sed carl... hah
    anyways maybe just start posting status' saying how much you hate fb and that anyone who uses it is a complete douche... ppl will prolly get annoyed by that...
    amd like sad status' like "this day sucks i wish it was over" or "my fishy died :("
    stuff like that?
    • poopiteepoop - replied 2010-12-12 18:39:14
      haha same!
      • Campincarl - replied 2010-12-12 18:51:39
        well im glad that is cleared up
        ironically my name isn't Carl in real life
        • c8r15 - replied 2010-12-14 05:26:40
          thats not ironic. thats just nonsense.
          • Campincarl - replied 2010-12-14 13:06:16
            Since when does the internet make sense?
  • Jackylegs - replied 2010-12-12 19:02:18
    Good news! This post pissed me off - you're well on your way :)
  • poopiteepoop - replied 2010-12-12 18:39:43
    good post dude, i reckon you're on a good track
  • RakkyTam - replied 2010-12-17 20:09:19
    Lol, I've seen this post before but it never ocured ot me it was you.

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