How to make people on planes shit themselves

Step One: Remove Laptop from Laptop Bag

Step Two: Open the laptop SLOWLY and CAREFULLY

Step Three: Turn the Laptop On

Step Four: Ensure the passenger next to you is watching

Step Five: Connect to the Internet (some planes now have WiFi installed)

Step Six: Close your eyes for a brief moment. Open them, and then turn your gaze upwards to the sky as if in prayer.

Step Seven: Take a Deep Breath and open this site

Step Eight: Turn and watch the passenger's reaction.

Dont worry. Its not a bad site. Its rather funny. Just use at your own risk for obvious reasons (you'll understand why it could get you in shit when you click the link)

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    throw you out the window :P

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    yeah ok, but i like this one better, the 60 seconds looks better than 10 seconds, and this site looks somewhat better. sorry lol

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    I have no idea... Thats Arabic... Unfortunately thats not my specialty

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    Holy crap thats funny! I tried it in my history class during a lockdown for a bomb threat. so funny! me and my teacher are cool and he got that it was a joke.

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    I dont like what happens when the countdown hits 0
    I kinda a knew it but still -.-

    • Vans
    • September 15, 2012, 9:11 pm
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