High Res Wallpaper by Me :)

I was making a new background for my YouTube header, and I came up with this. Overall i'm actually quite happy with it :)
The resolution is 2560x1440, which I believe is 1440p (larger than 1080p), so it should be good for anyone :)

background - high res wallpaper by me :)

I don't mind you using it for anything, but don't steal credit please :)

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    How does one make these? / How does one make something "high resolution?"

    • Mizuno
    • September 7, 2013, 6:28 pm
    Quite simply, start off with large sources. I found the mountains online, from a royalty free stock photo website, and modified it from there (adding stars, improving the sky, adding the planet/moon). The only bit that really had to be high res originally was the mountains. Almost everything else was drawn in so could have been done at any size :)
    - SkinnyBill September 7, 2013, 6:40 pm
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