Happy St. Patrick's Day

map - happy st. patrick's day

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st patricks day dog

I will be choking down the usual corned beef and cabbage later with potatoes and shitty whiskey - Happy St. Patty's day to all -

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    So am I- I have the fuckin flag tattooed on my neck ... I could have been a DICK and posted shit about Bobby Sands and the cause but I didn't - so shut up , and enjoy the goddamn post boy-o

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    ik was kidding...im not fucking irish...lol im german:]..to prove it i dont even know who the fuck bobby sands is...lol.

    • md2297
    • March 18, 2010, 8:42 am
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    @willwhite007: Except you did post shit about Bobby Sands. God damn man you are on a roll for pissing people off.

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    no kidding - I might as well wear a shirt that says 'fuck you' and literally has a picture that changes to a pic of whomever is looking at that shirt at that exact moment......I am here to laugh and post things that I find funny and that I think others will find funny. I really am sorry for upsetting people -

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