Wish list

1)Chilli Jelly Sweets:

2)Despair Calendar (De-Motivational Posters):

3)Baconaise (Bacon flavour Mayonaise):

4)Penguin USB Flash Drives:

5)Emergency Phone Charger (Charges phone with AA Battery):

6)Micro Desktop RC Racing Kit (Mario Kart for your Desk):

7)A Lump of Coal ('tis the season to be stingy):

8)Shock Ball (Electrifying the classic 'Hot Potato', Pass it before it shocks you!):

9)Sonic Grenade (Ouch my ears!):

10)Papier Noir (black loo-roll):

11)FAIL STICKERS (Put a fail sticker for your real life fails):
p2327ex1 - wish list

p2327ex3 - wish list

p2327ex4 - wish list

p2327ex2 - wish list

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    Fail Stickers!!!! :O :O

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    I want the penguin USB and Fail stickers :)

    • SuDoku
    • June 17, 2010, 6:45 am
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