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  • CaptinCrunk - replied 2011-01-06 19:18:02
    Here are the two movies I watched most in the 80's.
    ghostbusters movie poster 1020498665

    the goonies movie poster 1020413519

    And here are the two I watched most in the 90's or early 90's.
    waynes - favorite movies - 80's and 90's

    airheads 20max 20s - favorite movies - 80's and 90's

    I used to watch Labrynth a lot too. That is still a great movie. I also used to watch Willow a lot as well. That turned out to be one of those movies that was awesome when you were a kid, but is queer as hell when you watch it as an adult. (Except for Mad Moragan. He was Boss.)
    • Albane - replied 2011-01-07 07:52:09
      I was never a fan of Ghostbusters, not sure why. Maybe I will give it another shot now that I am older.

      Going to be watching Goonies for sure though.
      • CaptinCrunk - replied 2011-01-07 12:28:22
        Goonies is a great american classic.
        avatar 8 - favorite movies - 80's and 90's

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Favorite Movies - 80's and 90's
Please do not include new movies that have no story line but good special effects.
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