Facejacker - The NEW FoneJacker

Sorry guys, but apparently this is blocked in the US. If you want, just search Fonejacker or Facejacker and see if there are any User uploads that you can watch. (If you click them links, they are youtube searches. Use them if you are to lazy to type).

This guy is epic. The original TV Program was called Fonejacker. This guy can do so many different voices, and he just prank called people. Its a lot better than it sounds.

Well now, there is a new series called Facejacker. Its the same guy, but he does the pranking in person. He uses different disguises etc.

Unfortunately, the episode can't be embedded, as Channel 4 have disabled embedding. You can watch it by clicking here though.

Also, you can watch the original Fonejacker episodes HERE. There is a big playlist of them :-)

PS. You might not be able to watch it. Im not sure if there are restrictions in different countries, but you should be able to watch if you live in the UK.

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    Blocked in the USA.

    • Albane
    • April 22, 2010, 8:10 am
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