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Posted: 2008-04-01 05:08:40

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  • polosas - replied 2008-04-01 07:26:33
    From the Start

    1. Click left until you're facing the bed.
    2. Click on the pillow and take the items.
    3. Click between the bed and the drawer and take number.
    4. Click left of the very bottem left inventory box in the game screen. You should switch the other side of the bed. Take the number.
    5. Click back until you're facing the drawer.
    6. Open the bottem drawer and take number and knife.
    7. Click until you're facing the trash can.
    8. Look down into the trash can and take numbers.
    9. Click the "Click Here" box above your inventory until it says "Use Item".
    10. Drag the knife and use it in the bottem of the trash can.
    11. Take the number and key. Don't worry about the symbols.
    12. Click until you're facing the curtain.
    13. Click curtain and take the radio and number.
    14. Go back to the drawer.
    15. Make sure the box says "Use Item".
    16. Use the key you just found on the drawer.
    17. Take all the items inside.
    18.Click at the bottem of the drawer until you look underneath.
    19. Grab the remaining numbers.
    20. Go to the chest now.
    21. Change the box to "About Items".
    22. Click on the radio.
    23. Click the small grey button at the very bottem left of the radio. (Left of the 3 large ones).
    24. The music should be off now and you can use the numbers.
    25.Change the box to "Use Items".
    26. Drag each following numbers to the empty boxes starting from the left: 3 9 0 5 1 .
    27. Drag the key you got from the drawer onto the key hole.
    28. Take the fake key.
    29. Use the knife the same way you used it on the trash can on the bottem of the chest.
    30. Take the axe.
    31. Go to the door.
    32. Use the axe on the door.
    33. Watch the cheesy ending.
    34. You've beat the game! Have a nice day.
  • cece3456789 - replied 2009-09-28 11:15:50
    i wanna see how the game is
  • lordliz1 - replied 2010-02-24 11:11:01
    how do u do step 18?
  • laya - replied 2012-02-17 15:24:18
    i can't find the number 9..... help!!!

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