Automatic Systems FTW!

--OOPS i appear to have maxed out the Sharenator System with an Easter Egg.

DARIUS: You need to check the maximum number of letters in a file name. I made a file name purposley 255 characters long (Maximum on HFS+ File System). It appears whatever you are using doesnt support file names either that length or with the added stuff on the end (such as the Resolution and some sort of number). I would find out the maxiumum file name length of your servers file system, and before creating the file name, check that with the extras on the end, the file name will not be longer than the maximum, and if it is, truncate the file name.

epicyoutubewinrebeccablackfridayshittysongisworsethanjustinbieberwtflongfilenameftwihadtomakefilenameshorterbecause500internalservererror - epic win!!!

Bonus: Hover Over Picture

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    Oh you!
    and your pushing of the limits of the file name length!

    yeah... it wasnt the exact file name limit, well if it was it was a accident.

    Like i say, i made it 255 characters long (including the .jpg), but then remembered;
    That ext2 or ext3 (or whatever linux filesystem these servers use) have different limits AND the post name, image resolution and some ID is added to the end of all file names, so i deleted a sentence and changed it to a much shorter one :)
    - SkinnyBill March 19, 2011, 1:59 pm
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