Is it me or what? When I get on my email I see like 10-15 emails in my inbox which isn't much at all I look at my spam box and it has like 500 or whatever lol which I don't really care cause it's in the spam folder,
then I start looking in my INBOX folder and it's all FUCKING SPAM! the same exacts stuff that is in my SPAM FOLDER is in my INBOX FOLDER!!

So I made this picture and I'm giving 25% to ElverGon66 because I make fun of him cause I hate him but I'm a good sport so I gave him 25%

OH and this is to Elvergon66
Your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory

images - email spam fuuuuuuuu

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    lmao best hate post I'v seen

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    Haha thanks, I know it doesn't look like much but it actually took some time lol :P

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    lol well props & +3

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    Thanks :)

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