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I've lurked here for a while before joining and there are alot of awesome stuff on this website. However, I've also noticed there have also been some debate posts ranging from politics to religion, so I just wanted to take some time to list some arguments that anger me.
not all of these are from this site, most are ones I hear real life.


"We cannot afford to extend all of the Bush tax cuts because we cannot afford it. It would add billions of dollars to the deficit." = good argment
"We must extend the tax cuts to small business in order to promote growth and job creation."
= good argument
"The entire piont is moot because the real threat to business is unfair market advantages possesed by government backed businesses overseas such as in China. Mainly due to a lack of a protective tarrif." = good counter argument
"KEEP TAX CUTS BECUS TAXES R COMMUNISM AND COMMUNISM R BAD" = I wish to remove you from the gene pool

"I do not believe in a god
because I currently see no evidence to support the existance of a god" = good argument
"simply because there is no current evidence does not mean that there will not be in the future, the existance of god therefore should not be totally discounted" = good counter argument
"I don't believe in god because I don't like the idea of someone else controlling my life"= poor argument, I personally don't like the idea of STD's, but they still exist.(actual conversation that I had. Fucking bandwagon Athiests)
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Posted: 2010-11-11 05:44:44

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  • jakematsui - replied 2010-11-11 07:29:42
    Welcome to Sharenator! And good arguments, I'm sure your time will come to use them in an epic Sharenator debates.
    • BobTheJanitor - replied 2010-11-11 07:50:05
      Thank you.

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