Apple are Biased

Just discovered this on my mac the other day...

shot1 - apple are biased

shot2 - apple are biased

shot3 - apple are biased

Yes, i have zoomed in as far as possible and that does read a genuine BSoD from Windows 2000

It reads:


A fatal exception 0E has occured at {memory code} in {more code} -
{more code}. The current application will be terminated.

* Press any key to terminate the current application.
* Press CTRL+ALT+DEL again(?) to restart your computer. You will
lose any unsaved information in all applications

Press any key to continue _

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    So bad you have to include a well known PC image for people to like it better.

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    Very cheeky and awesome :) Nice find.

    • Paul
    • April 14, 2010, 12:58 am
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    someone had to say it eh?

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    All pc's on the network show up as that, but each Mac model has its own symbol :)

    Yep, as you see on that list at the top, my MacBook appears as a laptop, but a mac pro appears as the side view of a mac pro and an iMac appears as an imac etc etc
    - SkinnyBill October 28, 2010, 10:52 pm
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